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New Product Launched - Lightweight Portable Video Tripod VT-831 with Three-way Head and Cheap Price
Release Time:【2019/9/30 17:30:07】 From:【Guangdong Kingjoy Technology Co., Ltd】

Kingjoy Recently launched some cheap video tripod for entry level photographer. They are lightweight and portable and you can add a phone clamp to for phone shooting.

VT-831 is one of this and it equips with a three-way head.

Specification of it.

Sections: 4

Extended height: 1342 mm

Mini. height: 395 mm

Weight: 0.5 KG

Max. load: 3 KG

Tripod introduction.

Three-way head for easier angle adjustment.

Anodizing process.

1/4 inch universal screw.

Flip lock fast locking system.

Horizontal and vertical shooting easy exchange design.

Anti-skid rubber feet for different and complicated terrain.

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